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With the introduction of the On-Site and Excess Soil Management Regulation, assessment of soil quality before it is moved from one location to another has become increasingly important. Ontario Soil Management provides complete solutions for the management of excess soil.

We carry out comprehensive assessments of soil, surface water, groundwater and air. We respond to environmental problems quickly and can help you minimize the potential for future liability. Our core services involve Excess Soil Management, Spill Response, Brownfield Redevelopment, and Remediation. For more detailed information on each of these services please visit the links below.

Excess Soil Management

We are experts in the management of excess soil and have direct access to a large network of re-use and fillsites throughout Ontario.
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Brownfield Redevelopment

In situations where past industrial properties have left behind contamination we will assist in redevelopming the property to meet environmental standards.
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Spill Response

In situations of emergency spills, Ontario Soil Management has the experience and equipment to mitigate damages related to fuel leaks and highway transport losses.
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Ontario Soil Management has the expertise to overcome the challenges that contaminated soil and groundwater can pose.
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