We understand and respect the value of Ontario’s soil and water.  Protecting and restoring these resources in the most effective and efficient manner provides real savings and protects our environment.  At Ontario Soil Management, we have extensive experience in overcoming the wide range of challenges that contaminated soil and groundwater can pose.  We are familiar with the pressures and constraints under which property owners and insurers operate.  With Ontario Soil Management, project requirements are delivered on time, within the agreed budget and in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner.  Our Qualified Persons can conduct an assessment of environmental conditions and provide cost-effective options for on-Site or off-site remediation including: 

  • Tank removals
  • Underground storage tank decommissioning
  • Pump-and-treat groundwater remediation
  • In-situ soil and groundwater remediation
  • Ex-situ soil and groundwater remediation

Our dedicated team of qualified and experienced professionals have successfully remediated hundreds of contaminated properties.  Contact Ontario Soil Management today to discuss your project needs.

Other Services

Excess Soil Management

We are experts in the management of excess soil and have direct access to a large network of re-use and fillsites throughout Ontario.
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Brownfield Redevelopment

In situations where past industrial properties have left behind contamination we will assist in redevelopming the property to meet environmental standards.
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Spill Response

In situations of emergency spills, Ontario Soil Management has the experience and equipment to mitigate damages related to fuel leaks and highway transport losses.
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Ontario Soil Management has the expertise to overcome the challenges that contaminated soil and groundwater can pose.
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